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How to Beat the Competitive Rental Market


Feel like you always come close to getting the rental you want, then someone beats you to it? With renting on the rise, the market is increasingly competitive. If you chronically miss out on the rental of your dreams because of your inability to manage the application process, or just sheer bad luck, you might benefit from some of these tips!

Here’s some tips on how to bring your ‘A-Game’ and get the rental you want!

1. Keep your options open and be flexible. Have lots of options and constantly be looking, even when you think you’ve found ‘the one.’

2. Being flexible on your move in date can also make you more competitive.

3. Allow time to research, but be ready to pounce when you find the rental you want. The few minutes that you wait to call your agent could make all the difference in landing the rental in this competitive market!

4. Have important paper work ready to go: proof of income or recent pay stub, and provide your ID and referral contact information from your previous landlord(s).

5. Plan ahead – Keep your credit history clean by paying your bills on time. If you have bad credit, be ready to explain why! Instead of trying to hide it, being open and honest can go a long way.

6. Have money set aside for a deposit (usually equivalent to one month’s rent.)

7. If you’ve found your dream rental, try offering to pay more. If you can pay even $25 or $50 more a month, it could be just the thing to stand out amongst the other applicants.

8. Offer a referral from a previous neighbor!

The rental search can be exhausting, but coming prepared can help it go much smoother and with a little bit of prep, it will all pay off when you sign a new lease.

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