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Move to St. Augustine – The Best Hot-spots in Florida

2014 Annual Owners Retreat for Property Management Pros is taking place in beautiful St. Augustine. As a result, we’ve researched what some of the most unique and entertaining spots to check out in the oldest city in the United States.

That’s right. Unbeknownst to many, St. Augustine was actually the very first major settlement to be developed in America. The settlement of St. Augustine was developed by the Spaniards, and if you’re considering moving to St. Augustine, you’ll clearly see the centuries-old heritage in some of the selected hot-spots in the area.

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

Used as the backdrop of Tom Hank’s, Forest Gump running scene and complete with a  constellation show, peacocks, canon firing ceremony, and planetarium. Not to mention it’s beautiful.

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

America’s history will never look the same after a visit to the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. Take your chances with the lighthouse spirits on the “All Ghosts, No Gimmicks” Dark of the Moon paranormal tour or dive deeper into history and explore shipwreck artifacts on the Behind the Scenes or Lost Ships archaeology tours.

Columbia Restaurant

For dinner, the exquisite Columbia Restaurant has featured marvelous, authentic, and appetizing Spanish cuisine for decades. The award-winning dishes are set in an atmosphere of beautifully Spanish designed rooms, such as the indoor patio dining room. Perfect for a romantic date, or getting together with friends.

Ice Plant Bar

Looking for something more modern? Then check out Ice Plant Bar, the coolest place in St. Augustine! Their mission is to return to the craft of ice harvesting by freezing purified water in large blocks. Bartenders can make drinks colder and with precisely the desired amount of dilution providing a drink experience you never knew about! They specialize in fresh, hand-crafted food and spirits, and their produce, dairy, meat and fish all come from local purveyors. It’s sophisticated, chic, but casual at the same time.

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